# Thanks Wordpress, Hello VuePress

Welcome, Howar31 Blog is moved again! We are now on GitLab Pages + VuePress.

# New Blog in 2019

After hosting blog on Wordpress for several years, I found that it's very hard and complicated to maintain the blog, since there are so many plugins and themes to take care of. Moreover, writing in HTML (rich editor) is not my type. I'd love to write docs in Markdown due to simplicity and efficiency. These reasons make me want to move my blog to a new home.

# GitLab Pages & VuePress

I knew GitLab, but never used the GitLab Pages before. GitLab Pages is quite complicated to setup compare to GitHub Pages. But after some survey on the CI/CD GitLab provided, I decided to move all my GitHub projects to GitLab for advanced usage.

And I found VuePress while I was looking for a replacement for GitBook Legacy which is no longer in active development. I'm some what familiar with Vue.js, therefore, I was quite impressed what VuePress can do.

I decided to move my blog to this new static generated solution. With the awesome plugin (opens new window) which helps converted my old posts on Wordpress to Markdown files, now here is what I have achieved so far.

# More to do

This new blog is still under construction. There's lots of things to do to customize my blog. I'll update the site in the near future.

Last Updated: 4/19/2019, 2:12:46 AM